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Wallpaper in Nigeria: (Wallpaper Designs and Prices)

After completing the construction of your house in Nigeria or if you are moving into a new apartment or residence and you intend to design the interior walls of your home with wallpaper, then you need an idea on wallpaper in Nigeria, wallpaper designs and prices in Nigeria.

Also, you need to have an understanding of how much it costs to install wallpaper in Nigeria so that you can have a good negotiation during its installation, later in this post we shall see the cost of wallpaper installation in Nigeria.

You need to perfectly finish the interior of your house or residence in order to enjoy the comfort you deserve and wallpaper is one of the best options when it comes to interior wall finishes in Nigeria.

This is a result of the beautiful impression it gives to interior spaces and its affordability, and durability when compared to other wall decorations like paint.

To help you get a proper insight into wallpaper prices in Nigeria and to help you decide whether to use wallpaper in your home interior or not, we shall look at wallpaper roll size and prices in Nigeria and the process of installing wallpaper in Nigeria.

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Wallpaper (why use wallpaper)

Wallpaper is simply an interior decorative material used to decorate the interior walls of houses, homes, and public buildings.

Wallpapers come and are sold in rolls, and the rolls are usually pasted vertically on walls during installation.

To use wallpaper on the interior walls of your house, you need to understand that it can be sold as plain paper, papers with a patterned design, or a single design that is repeated severally on the surface of the paper.

Before we go to the price of wallpaper in Nigeria, let us look at some of the reasons why you may want to use wallpaper to design the interior walls of your house.

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Effect of increase

Because of how colorful wallpapers can be, they always give the impression that spaces are larger than they actually are.

In order words, if you use wallpaper on the walls of rooms that are small, the room may appear larger than they are in the experience of observers or visitors.

In a practical example, if the sitting area in your house is not large enough, consider using colorful murals to design its walls so your visitors will experience the effect of increase and assume that the space is larger than it is.

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Easy to maintain

Wallpapers are always easier to maintain when compared to other wall decoratives like paint or tiles.

As activities go on in houses, tendencies are that walls will be stained and with a piece of fabric and water you can simply get rid of any dirt on the wall.

Here you must know that as much as wallpapers are easy to clean with fabric and water, too much water should not be employed while cleaning to avoid the wallpaper peeling from the wall.

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Special effect

Because wallpapers come with different designs and images, they always make wall interiors look special and different.

Think of how much your visitors will be impressed and appreciate works of art on the wallpapers on the walls in your home.

The special effect of wallpaper will definitely give your visitors the impression that you have good design taste and this will make your home special and different.

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To make design statements

If you are someone that likes designs and artwork, you can use wallpapers to make statements in different spaces in your home.

For instance, you can use certain custom wallpaper designs on the sitting area to communicate an idea or ideology and the same applies to other spaces in your home.

You can also feature wallpaper designs on different partition walls in a space to make certain statements about your character and the individual you are.

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To lay emphasis on Architecture features

If the architect of your house chooses to lay emphasis on a wall(s) in your home, and his design suggests curved or slanted walls to express a certain style in his design, you can further lay emphasis on those walls by using beautiful wallpapers to decorate them.

Also in cases where vital designs in the interior of your house are hidden, you can use wallpaper to draw attention to those areas by using wallpaper designs that will easily catch the attention of your visitors.

It is important to know that there are cons to using wallpaper to decorate the interior walls of your house, let us see a summary of the pros and cons of wallpaper in Nigeria and later we shall see the types of wallpaper in Nigeria before detailing the cost of wallpaper in Nigeria.

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wallpaper in Nigeria

Types of Wallpaper in Nigeria

The following are the types of wallpaper used for interior decoration in Nigeria.

Flock wallpapers

Flock wallpapers are artificial fibers or polyester applied on an adhesive-shrouded surface. They have embossed shrouded surfaces and they come in different wallpaper patterns.

Flock wallpapers can perfectly be used on feature walls in areas with fewer activities in your house.

The best areas to use flock wallpapers in your home are the sitting area, dining, lounge, and master bedrooms.

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Vinyl wallpapers

These types of wallpapers comprise printed paper shrouded with vinyl that is in layers, they look and feel like plastic and they are durable and water resistant.

Vinyl wallpapers are non-woven in nature and their durability depends on how thick the vinyl shrouding layer is.

One of the reasons to use vinyl wallpapers in decorating your home is because they are seemly cheap when you consider their durability, they can function and last long in wet conditions which makes them the perfect option for wet spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

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Foil or metallic wallpapers

These are wallpapers that consist of thin layers of foil or metallic film woven in them to form certain patterns on the paper.

The thin metallic foil in foil wallpapers usually produces a shiny effect and that makes them beautiful and pronounced.

However, because metallic wallpapers are reflective, they tend to expose defects in walls.

So if you want to use metallic wallpapers on the interior walls of your home, you must take care of the base wall by repairing any defect on it and covering it with lining paper first before pasting the wallpaper.

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Linear wallpaper

This wallpaper is made from paper, it does well in hiding wall damage and you can even apply paint to it after installing it on the walls.

One of the benefits of linear wallpaper is that it is easy to install and remove.

Hand screened wallpaper

These types of wallpapers are simply made by permeating dye over a screen in the sheets of paper, and when the dye dries on the sheet, the hand-screened wallpaper will take up the unique patterns of the dye and this can make them appear customized for any interior design project.


If you like works of art, then you may consider using mural wallpaper to decorate the wall of your home because they simply consist of detailed images that are always big and bold.

Mural wallpapers are capable of giving your spaces the same feeling or impression an artwork produced by the artist can give, and they can work in all spaces in your house or home.

Murals can be used in sitting areas, dining, lobby, and children’s rooms. In any space you choose to apply them, you can be assured that murals will give you satisfaction when it comes to the interior wall decoration of your house.

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Bamboo wallpaper

This type of wallpaper is made by hand and simply involves pasting bamboo materials onto paper.

Bamboo wallpapers are Eco- friendly and their patterns vary from roll to roll with reference to their natural base.

Bamboo wallpapers require extreme carefulness during installation because adhesives used for gluing them may damage their appearance and in most cases, you cannot wash these wallpapers.

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Wallpaper roll sizes in Nigeria

In Nigeria, wallpapers come in rolls and the standard roll of wallpaper is 10m or 10.5m in length and 0.52m (52cm) in width.

However, some wallpaper with wide width can measure up to 68cm and their prices may differ from the ones with standard width.

Here it is important to know that certain dimensions attributed to wallpapers are based on the dimensions the image on wallpaper can be seen or viewed and also based on their quality.

Wallpapers are generally referred to as 3d wallpapers but other dimensions are attributed to them by consumers and some of these dimensions are 2d wallpaper, 3d wallpaper, 4d wallpaper, 5d wallpaper, and 8d wallpaper.

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Wallpaper price in Nigeria

The price of wallpaper in Nigeria may depend on its type and dimension and it may differ from one location to another in Nigeria depending and also how much dealers are willing to sell after putting many factors into consideration.

Here we shall look at wallpaper prices in Nigeria based on their types and dimensions.

The table below summarizes wallpaper prices in Nigeria as of March 2023.

Wallpaper typePrice per roll (naira)
Flock wallpapers5,000 to 9,000 naira
Vinyl wallpapers5,000 to 8,000 naira
Metallic or Foil wallpapers5,000 to 10,000 naira
Linear or wallpapers3,500 to 4,500 naira
Hand screened wallpapers3,000 to 5,000 naira
Murals2,000 to 6,000 naira
Bamboo wallpapers5,000 to 10,000 naira
current wallpaper price in Nigeria

3d wallpaper price in Nigeria

3d wallpaper is basically wallpaper with images that can be viewed in three dimensions and the price of 3d wallpaper in Nigeria is from 3,000 naira to 20,000 naira depending on type and quality.

3d wallpaper Designs and their Prices in Nigeria:

image of wallpaper

Price in Nigeria: 4,000naira to 6,000naira per roll.

image of wallpaper

Price in Nigeria: 3,500naira to 5,000naira per roll.

image of wallpaper

Price in Nigeria: 3,000naira to 4,500naira per roll.

image of wallpaper

Price in Nigeria; 3,500naira to 6,500naira per roll.

4d wallpaper price in Nigeria

The price of 4d wallpaper in Nigeria is from 4,000 naira depending on their quality and type.

5d wallpaper price in Nigeria

The price of 5d wallpaper in Nigeria is from 4,000 naira depending on its quality and type.

8d wallpaper price in Nigeria

The price of 8d wallpaper in Nigeria is from 4,000 naira depending on its quality and type.

Price of waterproof wallpaper in Nigeria

Waterproof wallpapers are types of vinyl wallpapers, they look and feel like plastic and they are water resistant making them suitable for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

The price of waterproof wallpaper in Nigeria is from 4,000 naira depending on their quality.

Cost of installing wallpaper in Nigeria

The cost of installing wallpaper in Nigeria will largely depend on the number of wallpaper rolls needed for the wall you are decorating and the sizes of wallpaper used, also on the amount of money the person installing it will charge.

To install a 5.3 sqm wallpaper roll, you will spend around 3,600 naira per roll.

To install a 7sqm wallpaper roll, you will spend around 4,200 naira per roll.

To install a 16 sqm wallpaper roll, you will spend around 9,000 naira per roll.

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How to Install Wallpaper in Nigeria

Wallpaper installation in Nigeria is mainly done by people trained to do so, however, if you wish to do it yourself, the following tools are what you will need to install wallpaper in Nigeria:

  • A measuring tape: you will need a measuring tape in order to take measurements of wall and wallpaper
  • Wallpaper adhesive: wallpaper glue is used to paste the wallpaper onto the wall and you need to use the right adhesive recommended by the wallpaper manufacturers ( if there is any) while installing your wallpaper
  •  A brush and paint roller: you need a paint roller and brush in order to properly apply the wallpaper adhesive on the wallpaper and also to s remove air bubbles that may be present in between the wallpaper and the wall.
  • A ladder: you need a ladder to climb while installing wallpaper so that you can climb height and reach the upper area of the wall.
  • Scissors or knife: you will need scissors or a knife in order to cut your wallpaper to the right size and shape.
  • Trowel: you need a trowel to prepare the wall by filling up holes and fractures
  • A level or plumb: you need a plumb or level in order to make sure that the wallpaper is vertically straight.
  • Clothe: you need clothing material in order to clean glue or adhesive.

After making ready the above tools, the following are the steps to take while installing wallpaper in Nigeria:

1. Prepare the wall

Clean the wall by removing dust or any dirt on it that might affect the wallpaper glue. Make sure you fill any holes or cracks in the wall to make it smooth.

2. Measure and cut the wallpaper

Next is to measure the height and width of the wall to ascertain the quantity of wallpaper needed for the installation. After that, cut the wallpaper into strips and make sure you add some more quantity to the length of the wallpaper so that trimming will not be a problem.

3. Apply wallpaper glue

Use the brush to apply wallpaper adhesive at the back of your wallpaper after measuring and cutting it and make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions (if there is any) while applying the adhesive.

4. Paste the wallpaper

After applying glue, it is time to hang your wallpaper on the wall, begin from the top of the wall, and paste the paper strip.

5. Trimming: after hanging your wallpaper, you have to trim the excess paper with a knife or scissors and use a paint roller to press the wallpaper against the wall to achieve a smooth and clean job.

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How many rolls of Wallpaper are needed to Design a room in Nigeria?

An idea of the number of wallpapers needed to decorate an average room in Nigeria can help you determine the quantity of wallpaper needed for the decoration of the spaces in your house.

The number of wallpaper rolls needed to decorate one room in Nigeria will depend on the size of the room and the type of wallpaper you prefer, and this is so because all rooms are not always the same size and some types of wallpapers come in different sizes from others.

Assuming the size of an average room in Nigeria is 3m x 3m, the following steps are what you will take to determine the number of wallpaper rolls needed to design a room in Nigeria.

Step 1: measure the height of a partition of the room: the height of the walls of most rooms in Nigeria is 3m.

Step2: multiply the length of a partition wall by the height to derive its area, the length of our room is assumed to be 3m and the result will be 3m x 3m =9m2

Step3: determine the area of your wallpaper roll which is the length of wallpaper (10m) x width (0.52m) = 5.2m2

Step 4: divide the area of one partition of the wall (9m2) by the area of a wallpaper roll (5.2m2) = 1.7 which is approximately 2 rolls.

Therefore the number of wallpaper rolls needed to design one room in Nigeria will be 8 rolls ( that is 2 rolls for 1 partition multiplied by 4 partition walls).


There are different types of wallpaper used for wall decoration in Nigeria and their prices will depend on their quality and design.

Bear in mind that there are varieties of wallpaper available in the Nigerian market and involving an interior designer or decorator while shopping for wallpaper may be a good idea in order to get the best quality, design, and service while designing your home spaces.

However, if you trust your design ability, you can buy and install wallpaper yourself by following the wallpaper installation steps highlighted in this article, and that should be after doing proper research and considering other wall design options to know if you actually need wallpaper design in your home spaces.

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