Shoe Racks in Nigeria: [Types, Prices and Benefits]

Image of a shoe rack with shoes used to explain shoe rack price and types in Nigeria
shoe rack, Image source: Free Stock photos by Vecteezy

Let’s look at shoe racks in Nigeria to know the advantages and price range of this storage furniture and also how you can use them to properly organize your bedrooms.

A disorganized living area not only detracts from the visual appeal of your house but also makes it difficult to keep everything in order. The simple shoe rack is one item of furniture that is frequently disregarded yet is crucial for both elegance and organization.

Moreover, this furniture can help you to maximize the space in your house because littering shoes in your bedroom can make it appear small.

The advantages of shoe racks and the costs of these useful and fashionable storage items in Nigeria will be discussed in this article.

Now let us see the benefits of this storage option.

Benefits of Shoe Rack in Houses

  • Arrangement & Best Use of Space:

Shoe racks provide a specific area for arranging and storing your shoes. You can make the most of your living space and avoid the turmoil of disorganized shoes in closets and entryways by keeping your shoes properly placed.

  • Preserves shoes:

Keeping shoes on a rack keeps their form and condition intact. Good airflow keeps mildew and bad smells at bay, so your favorite pairs last longer and look great.

  • Easy Access:

You may save time and effort when selecting the ideal pair of shoes for every occasion by having easy access to your shoes with a well-designed shoe rack. This is especially useful if you live a busy life.

  • Improves the aesthetics of your home:

There are many designs of shoe racks available in the market and they come in different styles that can add to the beauty of your interior spaces making them good items for interior decor.

  • Encourages hygiene in your home:

Keeping your living area clean and hygienic can be achieved by elevating shoes off the floor with a shoe rack. This is particularly essential in a country like Nigeria where shoes can easily get dusty and dirty.

Types of Shoe Racks in Nigeria

The following are the types of shoe racks used for shoe storage in Nigerian homes.

Shoe Shelves:

These are just plain shelves made to accommodate shoes. They may be stand-alone pieces or a component of a bigger shelving arrangement.

Since they are so adaptable, shoe shelves can be positioned in closets, hallways, or any other area where shoes need to be stored.

Bench Shoe Storage

This type of shoe rack combines storage with a bench for seating, the bench comes with shelves below it so that one can sit comfortably while wearing his shoes.

The compartments in this storage can also be used to keep other items like gloves, small bags, etc. other than just storing shoes.

Shoe Cubbies:

This shoe storage comes with open shelves and it is fabricated in such a way that you can easily access the shoes, this style is good because it encourages proper bedroom arrangement.

Under-bed Shoe Storage:

These shoe storages are drawers designed to fit under your bed, if your room is small, then this will be the best option because it helps you to maximize your room as they take up no space.

Shoe Cabinets

This type is a piece of conventional furniture that comes with compartments used to store shoes, the shoe cabinet can be open or designed to have a door, moreover, some designs may come with mirrors on the door so that it can serve other purposes.

Image of a shoe cabinet used to explain shoe rack price and types in Nigeria
shoe cabinet: Image source – Free Stock photos by Vecteezy

Price Range of Shoe Rack in Nigeria

The price of shoe racks in Nigeria ranges from 12,000 naira to 30,000 naira depending on the type and quality of material used in manufacturing them.

Wooden shoe rack price ranges from 11,000 naira to 25,000 naira.

Metal shoe storage price is from 15,000 naira to 30,000 naira

Plastic shoe rack price ranges from 10,000 naira to 15,000 naira

Note: these are price estimates, check in stores to know actual prices.

Materials Used For Shoe Rack in Nigeria

The material used in the fabrication of any shoe storage will determine how long it will last and below are some materials used in the construction of shoe racks in Nigeria.

  • Wood
  • Metals
  • Plastic

Any of the materials can last long when used to fabricate shoe racks, however, this is dependent on their quality and the way you use them. The metal ones are the most long-lasting while the plastic ones are less likely to last very long.

Moreover, shoe storage produced with the above materials can give your home a stunning impression while serving as a storage depending on their design.

How To Choose a Shoe Rack For Your Home

To choose the right shoe storage for your home, you have to consider your desired design and how it will relate to the overall decoration of your home.

Below are the factors you should consider before choosing a shoe rack.

  • The Size of Your Room:

Make sure you know the dimensions of the space you want to position the shoe storage and measure the shoe rack to know if it will fit comfortably in the space without eating up space in the room.

  • The Number of Shoes You Own:

Consider the number of shoes you have before choosing a shoe rack, this will help you to know the capacity or size of the storage you should buy.

If your shoes are not many, then a portable shoe rack that will take up less space will be ideal.

  • Material:

Before choosing a shoe storage, make sure the material it is made of will last long, as stated earlier metal ones last longer than plastic.

  • Price:

Consider the price of the shoe rack you are buying to know if your budget can carry it, if you want something affordable, then medium-quality ones will be ideal.

However, if you love luxury and have money to spend on shoe storage, then go for quality ones and choose mesmerizing designs to give your home decor a glow.


You need a shoe rack in your home to keep your items well organized and to add some aesthetics to your home decoration.

Ensure you position your shoe storage where movement will not be affected in your room and choose the ones with good materials to ensure you get value for your money.

The price range of shoe racks in this post is estimated as the design and material will ultimately determine their prices, visit a store to be sure of actual prices.

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