See How To Know The Type Of House To Build

I hear some of my clients ask me questions like ‘is building a bungalow a waste of land? ‘is three storey building better than a storey building? ‘can i build a storey building and convert it to three storey later? etc.

That’s why in this post we will look at how to know the type of house you should build.

Choosing the type of house to build depends on a number of factors like your financial capacity, the size and nature of land ( soil capacity), Government’s requirements etc.

Actually no type of building is bad, it all depends on the type of project one can handle. As i mentioned earlier someone once asked me if one storey building in a plot of land is a waste of land, in his thinking three storey building in a plot of land is better than one storey building. So it may seem but that is not entirely true, one storey building has it’s own requirements and so do three storey building and definitely their requirements cannot be the same.

The building plan, approval fee, building materials, cost of labor etc. of a three storey building is much higher than that of one storey building.
Also in some cases a land that can carry a storey building might not accommodate three storey.

However, apart from the example above, it is always better for you to know what you can handle before starting your building project. There is no point starting one storey building you cannot finish in years while a good bungalow can solve your housing needs.

With that said, you can know the type house to build by considering your financial ability to execute your building project and sticking to what you can handle.

Your housing need is very important in choosing the type of house to build. If you want something just for you and your family, you can go for a bungalow or a small duplex, if you want tenants in your house you can go for block of flats etc.

The primary thing is what your housing needs are and your financial ability to execute it, also ask questions about Government’s requirements for the approval of your desired type of house.

In conclusion, meet with your Architect and explain your needs to him and let him advice you on how best to achieve your building needs within your capacity.

Another thing worth noting is that you should have a bill of quantity for your future house, by so doing you will never miss track in making your dream house a reality.

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