Electric Fireplace in Nigeria: [Prices and How It Works]

Let us look at the electric fireplace price range in Nigeria, how it works, why you need it in your home, and the disadvantages that come with this home device.

The electric fireplace is becoming an important element in interior decoration in Nigeria as it keeps homes warm in cold weather and adds great aesthetics to your home decor.

There are only a few home items that capture people’s attention like the electric fireplace because the flames that appear in this interior element are so beautiful and outstanding that they cannot be ignored by your visitors. 

Homeowners in Nigeria are adopting electric fireplaces in their home decoration because, unlike traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces are convenient, safe, stylish, and very easy to maintain.

However, if your home is in Nigeria, you need to understand how this item works, know its advantages and disadvantages, and also have an insight into electric fireplace prices in Nigeria before adding this item to your home decor.

Therefore this post will give you an overview of this type of fireplace to help you know if it is worth adding to your home or not.

Also, the price of electric fireplaces in Nigeria expressed in this article will give you an idea of how much it may cost you to add this elegant interior item to your home decor.

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Understanding Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is an alternative to conventional fireplaces, it uses electricity to function, and it is a new approach to heating or warming up homes which is safer and more convenient.

Using this type of fireplace to warm your home will give you the same feeling and impression a real fireplace would.

Moreover, unlike the traditional ones, it adds some aesthetics to your home, releases no toxins, and offers less stress for its maintenance.

Before we look at how this fireplace works and its price range, let us look at its basic components.

Electric Fireplace Components

A normal electric fireplace will consist of the following components:

  • Heater:

This is the part that generates the heat of this electric device whenever it is powered, and it is the heat from the heater that warms up rooms when the fireplace is functioning.

  • Fake Flame:

Electric fireplaces come with flame effects that imitate that of real ones, light emitted diodes (LED) are used to produce the flame effects so that home users will experience the flame as if it is real.

  • Covering or body:

This is the body that houses the electric fireplace, it comes in many styles and designs and can be constructed with metals, wood, or stone. They make the fireplace look very attractive and based on their design and material, they add aesthetics and value to your home.

  • Control and settings:

These fireplaces often come with touch control settings on their body or a remote control system. The control settings give users the ability to adjust the fireplace to suit their temperature needs, which ultimately provides great comfort and convenience.

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To fully understand how an electric fireplace works, a simple analysis of the functioning of this device is thus:

Electricity powers both the heating component and the LED lights, which produce the illusion of flames or fake flames.

The heater instantly heats up and begins to radiate heat throughout the entire room. At the same time, the flame-like effect produced by the LED lights is projected onto the fireplace screen, creating the appearance of an actual fire.

image of an electric fireplace used to explain electric fireplace price in Nigeria
Electric fireplace. Image source: Free Stock photos by Vecteezy

Electric Fireplace Prices in Nigeria

The price of an electric fireplace in Nigeria ranges from 80,000 naira to 200,000 or more depending on the quality of the electric device.

Premium quality products of this type of fireplace can attract costs as high as 500,000 naira depending on the design, quality of the mantel, and the special features they come with.

While shopping for an electric fireplace in Nigeria, know that the size of the space you wish to heat, the fireplace’s size and design, and extra features like timer settings, thermostat control, and overheating protection should all be taken into account before making a purchase.

If the electric fireplace you which to buy doubles as a TV stand, then you have to be prepared to spend more as those types tend to be more costly.

Also, if the fireplace requires special expertise for its installation ( in situations where the electric fireplace is to be incorporated into the home’s interior design), then you will have to spend more for the experts to do the jobs.

Electric fireplace price ranges in Nigeria based on quality are as follows:

Normal quality – 50,000 naira to 120,000 naira

Medium quality – 80,000 naira to 200,000 naira

Premium quality – 200,000 naira to 450,000 naira

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Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

The following are reasons why you may choose this type of fireplace over the traditional ones.

  • They are Safer:

These fireplaces do not release real flames and toxins, unlike the traditional ones that release smoke through a chimney and consist of real flames.

The smoke from non-electric fireplaces is hazardous to human health and the unprotected real fire flame can cause accidents in homes.

  • Easy Installation:

These fireplaces are very easy to install in homes, unlike traditional fireplaces where you need to construct a chimney that will expel the smoke, all you need is to simply place your electric fireplace box at a position in your room, power it with electricity and it will start working.

  • Easy Maintenance:

They are very easy to maintain, unlike traditional fireplaces where you need to periodically clean the chimney of ashes and debris, an electric fireplace costs nothing to maintain, simply unplugging it from a power source when not in use can make it last long without having issues.

  • Comes in Styles and Designs:

Electric fireplaces come in different appealing mantels and features, in some you can adjust the flame color and heating temperature, and some even come with audio systems.

The features of this fireplace type will make your home more comfortable and increase the aesthetics of your home’s interior decoration.

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Disadvantages of Electric Fireplaces

Before installing an electric fireplace in your home, you should know that there are some disadvantages associated with this fireplace system, and below are some of them.

  • It depends on electricity:

Using an electric fireplace in Nigeria may be challenging because, unlike traditional fireplaces, electric-powered fireplaces depend on electricity to function and It is a fact that Nigerians do not enjoy steady electricity.

However, since most Nigerians supplement electric supply with power generators, using generators to power your fireplace during cold weather is still worth it.

  • Only Suitable for Small Rooms:

Warming or heating large rooms and halls might be difficult with electric fireplaces because they only can effectively work in small spaces. To heat large spaces with this fireplace type, multiple units of the system will be needed.

  • Cost:

These fireplace types with normal quality are less costly than traditional fireplaces but premium quality fireplaces are costly because of other features they come with like TV stands and audio systems. However, your needs and budget should determine the quality grade you would go for.

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Is Electric Fireplace Worth It?

My Remark: Using an electric fireplace to heat your home is worth it, regardless of the few disadvantages it comes with, the fact that you spend almost nothing on its maintenance makes it cost-efficient, also it is clean and safe.


If you are looking for a safe and clean device to heat your home during cold weather, then an electric fireplace is what you will need. This device not only warms your home but also contributes to its beauty as it comes in many elegant mantels.

To know electric fireplace prices in Nigeria, check online for designs and features or visit an interior decor shop before making a purchase.

Using this device type that doubles as a TV stand is a good idea as it will serve as a fireplace only when needed and will always be used as a stand for your television.

An electric fireplace is a good option for warming homes regardless of some disadvantages of the device, its benefits are greater than the disadvantages. Just make sure that you buy a quality one that is within your budget.

F.A.Q(s) on Electric Fireplaces

What is the average price for an electric fireplace?

Ans: the average price of an electric fireplace in Nigeria ranges from 80,000 naira to 150,000 naira, however, the price may be higher if it is of premium quality with special features.

Do electric fireplaces make real flames?

Ans: No electric fireplaces do not make real flames, the LED flame that displays on its screen when turned on only mimics real fire flame to make users experience the device as if it is a real fireplace.

Do electric fireplaces last long?

Ans: It depends on the quality, electric fireplaces with good quality can last up to 10 to 15 years making it cost-efficient.

Is electric fireplace safe?

An electric fireplace is manufactured to be safe, even if one mistakenly makes contact with it when it is turned on, the heat from it will not cause any serious damage.

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