Concrete Fascia in Nigeria: (Cost of Parapet In Nigeria) – 2023

Concrete fascia in Nigeria and cost of parapet in Nigeria

To add a concrete fascia in your house or building, you need to understand what it is, its necessity in houses, and the cost of concrete fascia (parapet) in Nigeria.

Concrete fascia (parapet) is one of the trendy building structures as far as Nigeria’s building industry is concerned, but a lot of house owners do not even understand its importance, advantages, and disadvantages.

That is why in this article I will give you some knowledge on what concrete fascia is and its importance in houses, I will also make you understand the types of concrete fascia (parapet) in Nigeria and the cost of parapet in Nigeria.

The information in this article will help you decide whether to include a parapet in your house while building it or not because in as much as concrete fascia is good on houses, it is not compulsory.

However, to make the decision of adding it to your house or not, you need good information on concrete fascia in Nigeria and its cost, and that is exactly the two main focuses of this article.

To know about concrete fascia in Nigeria we will look into the following:

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 What is concrete fascia (parapet) in roofing

Concrete fascia in Nigeria and cost of parapet in Nigeria


Concrete fascia is basically a reinforced concrete structure that is built around the perimeter of a house or building to simply serve as a fascia where roof rafters rest.

In Nigeria, some construction workers understand concrete fascia as a parapet or concrete parapet, although parapet as a professional term in the building industry refers to walls that extend the roof of a house, for the purpose of this article and for better understanding we will use the term parapet to explain concrete fascia design in Nigeria and its cost.

To shade more light on the meaning of parapet, it is the concrete structure at the final level of the external walls of houses where the roof rafters (wood) rest on.

In Nigeria, the term parapet is used by non-professionals to refer to any type of fascia that is not made of wood.

In that regard, there are two main types of parapet in Nigeria and we will look into them shortly in this post and also learn their advantages and disadvantages and parapet.

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Types of parapet in Nigeria

There are two main types of parapets in Nigeria, and they are precast concrete parapets and aluminum parapets.

As I said before most house owners in Nigeria will refer to any fascia other than wooden boards as a parapet, so to understand the different types of parapets in Nigeria you must bear in mind that they are not only of a concrete structure.

1.       Precast concrete parapet: this type of parapet is constructed with wooden formwork or mortar molding around the perimeter of a building before concreting. The formwork or molding will be constructed or crafted based on the design of the parapet before concreting, and upon losing the formwork after the concrete has dried (in the case of wooden formwork), the concrete will take the shape of the formwork.

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2.      Aluminum parapet: In this type of parapet, the top edges of a building are covered with aluminum covering. The aluminum covering may be shaped in any design that looks like a concrete parapet or a plane fascia.

There are some reasons people choose concrete parapets over aluminum parapets, so let us see the advantages and disadvantages of concrete parapets and aluminum parapets in Nigeria.

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Advantages of Concrete Parapet

  1. It lasts longer than other types of roof fascia because it is a concrete structure
  2. It adds beauty to a house especially after it has been dressed with mortar
  3. The cost of maintaining it may be low unlike other roof fascia
  4. It will be difficult for birds, reptiles, and any other animal to dwell inside a roof that has concrete fascia.

Disadvantages of Concrete Parapet

  1. It is always more expensive to construct compared to other types of roof fascia.      
  2. It is not easy to construct as other fascias
  3. In most cases, to have a concrete fascia in your house, the roof will be pitched high, which is more costly than low-pitched roofs.

Advantages of Aluminum Parapet

  1.   It is cheaper to construct unlike concrete parapets
  2.   It is quite easy to construct compared to a concrete parapet

Disadvantages of Aluminum Parapet

  1.  It requires periodic maintenance will attract costs
  2.  It does not last as long as concrete fascia
  3.  As the fascia ages, birds and reptiles may find their way through it and make the roof their home.

Cost of  Parapet in Nigeria.

The cost of concrete parapet will depend on:

  • The type of formwork, either wooden or mortar molding
  •  The perimeter of the building
  • The design of the concrete parapet
  •  Height of the building.

The cost of precast parapet made with mortar mold will be from 7,000 to 14,000 naira per meter.

The cost of concrete parapet made with wooden formwork will be from 16,000 to 20,000 naira per meter.

The cost of aluminum parapet will be from 12,000 to 17,000 naira per meter.

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Is Concrete Fascia Necessary?

The simple answer is no.

Though it adds beauty to houses and lasts long, it is also expensive to construct and you can still use other fascia options like aluminum or wood.

However, you may want to build a house that represents what is trendy in the building industry, especially if your budget can carry it.

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Concrete fascia adds beauty to houses and makes them look modern, but there are other options you can use to achieve aesthetics in your house and also save costs.
Wooden fascia boards can save money for you as an alternative to concrete fascia especially when finished well after roof construction.
However, if your budget can carry concrete fascia, then use a beautiful design of it and make your house look trendy and beautiful.
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