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Chandelier Light Price in Nigeria

Let us look at chandelier light price in Nigeria to know how much it will cost you to add these elegant light fixtures to your home.

Lighting is important in homes for illumination and decoration, and the type of light you use in the lounges of your house will determine the impression it gives to your visitors and its overall value.

And it is obvious that homeowners in Nigeria prefer chandelier lights to make design statements in homes, especially in spaces where visitors often have access to like the sitting areas, hallways, lobbies, staircases, and dining areas.

However, you should know that these light fixtures can be expensive but the value they add to your house and their exigency in home interiors will always justify their costs.

Moreover, there are affordable types and brands of this light available in the Nigerian market in case you do not have a big budget for lighting and you want a cheap chandelier in Nigeria, so don’t let the impression that these lights are expensive deter you from adding them to your home.

There are varieties of chandelier designs that you can include in the interior decoration of your house, they come in many shapes and styles, and an interior decorator will be in the best position to choose the one best for your home in situations where they are used for ornamental purposes.

In this post we shall look at the chandelier light price in Nigeria as stated earlier, different types of chandelier brands, and their prices in Nigeria.

Now let’s delve straight into the prices of different chandelier brands in Nigeria.

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Chandelier Light Prices in Nigeria

chandelier light price in Nigeria depends on the quality, brand, and features of the light, and it generally ranges from

Below is a list of some chandelier light brands and their prices in Nigeria.

  • Luxury Ceiling Mounted Crystal Dropping Chandelier Light – 250,000 naira to 280,000 naira
  • Crystal Chandelier Lights for Lounges – 60,000 naira to 300,000 naira
  • Crystal Chandelier Lighting Indoor Stair Lamp – 190,000 naira to 220,000 naira
  • Nordic Retro Chandelier Lights – 120,000 naira to 150,000 naira
  • Nordic Glass Chandelier Lights – 60,000 naira to 75,000 naira
  • Led Crystal Chandelier Size 600 – 130,000 naira to 150,000 naira
  • Wedding Cake Stand Three Tiers Crystal Cangalia With Led – 32,000 naira to 35,000 naira
  • Dropping Spiral Chandelier Lights – 240,000 naira to 250,000 naira
  • Rings Dropping Chandelier – 50,000 naira to 60,000 naira
  • Led Firework Chandelier for Living Modern Ceiling Chandelier – 130,000 naira to 135,000 naira

The chandelier prices are just estimates and visiting an electric lights shop for inquiry can give you a more accurate price of these lights, however, you can still check on some online marketplaces like and if you are looking for chandelier lights for sale in Nigeria.

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image of a chandelier light
chandelier light

Types of Chandeliers in Nigeria

The types of chandelier lights available in the Nigerian market will fall into the following styles.

Crystal chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers come in many designs, shapes, and sizes, and they are commonly known for the crystals they come with. The crystals give a sense of elegance impression and help to spread the light from the source in every direction.

Glass chandeliers

These types of chandeliers come with dangling glass features, and the glass also gives them their unique looks. There are many designs of glass chandeliers and some of the look like fireworks when they are on giving them an exceptional look that no one can ignore them.

Modern chandeliers

Modern chandeliers come in designs that come with futuristic features. These lights come in geometric shapes and their designs are usually simple. They are best for residential home decoration and they make design statements without being too busy.

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Drum chandeliers

Drum chandeliers come in shapes that are easily noticed, they are usually wide and short, and they make the room evenly warm when the temperature drops low. They are best for regular spaces like Bedrooms and guest rooms.

Bowl Chandeliers

The bowl-shaped chandelier consists of a large glass container that holds the lights. This style is not showy and it is best used in spaces where privacy is needed.

Candle chandeliers

candle chandeliers contain electric lights that look like candles. They can be used in any type of interior decoration and they can feature in any space in your home, they are elegant lights and they easily blend with the environment.

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If you are looking for light fixtures that will not only illuminate the interior spaces of your home but also increase its value with elegance, then consider using chandelier lights.

Visit an electric lights showroom to make the choice that will match your need and consider your budget before buying one because as much as there are cheap chandeliers, some of them can be very expensive.

know that the price ranges expressed in this post are just estimates because your location in Nigeria may affect the price of these beautiful light fixtures.

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