Carpet Grass Price in Nigeria: [Prices and Benefits in Houses]

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Let us look at the prices of carpet grass in Nigeria, its types, benefits, and materials used in manufacturing them to give you an idea of what you may spend to add it to your house.

While finishing your house, the flooring option is important as it will contribute to the comfort you will enjoy in your home.

An increasing number of homeowners in Nigerians are embracing grass carpeting as a new trend as it brings a feeling of nature to some spaces in your house.

Carpet grass or artificial grass is affordable, looks appealing, and is environmentally friendly. It comes in a variety of designs and blends easily with other interior decor items in your home.

We will look at the costs and advantages of grass carpets in Nigerian residential homes in this post and before we delve into carpet grass prices in Nigeria, let us see an overview of this flooring option and its benefits.

Carpet Grass

Carpet grass is created using synthetic, man-made fibers that resemble genuine grass. The green artificial grass blades are available in various pile heights.

It is put together similarly to how carpet is; a solid backing is used, and then the blades are machine-stitched on.

In addition, the majority of recently developed artificial grass blends in a brown thatch to resemble dead grass found on an actual grass lawn. Artificial grass has come a long way in terms of resembling actual grass thanks to modern technologies.

In Nigeria, it is used in home design to introduce a feeling of nature to interior spaces and it also serves as noise insulation in spaces where less noise is needed.

Benefits of Carpet Grass

  • Affordable:

Grass carpets are affordable which is why many Nigerians are going for it as a flooring option in some home spaces. When compared with other conventional flooring options like hardwood, tiles, and carpet grass is a more affordable option.

The materials used in manufacturing them are less expensive than other options and their installation process is not difficult. Because of their affordability, this flooring option is an ideal option for homeowners who want to improve their homes without spending too much.

  • They are Easy to Maintain:

Grass carpets require less maintenance than wild grass or other flooring materials that may require regular cleaning and care and this is one of their main benefits.

Generally, light brushing or occasional vacuuming is enough to maintain the carpet’s fresh appearance. Moreover, most grass carpet options are stain-resistant, which makes them ideal for families with kids or pets.

  • They serve as sound insulators:

Grass carpets serve as an insulating flooring solution, they also help to regulate the temperature within the home, and this saves energy as the room heating and cooling will not be in excess.

  • They provide comfort:

Grass carpets provide comfort to home interiors, they feel soft when you step on them and they create a welcoming feeling to your home.

They come in many beautiful designs you can choose from and give your home the aesthetics it deserves.

  • They are environmentally friendly:

Compared to other flooring options, carpet grass is made of components that are more environmentally friendly and contribute to a reduction in the adverse impacts on the environment.

Price of Carpet Grass in Nigeria

The price of carpet grass in Nigeria ranges from 2,500 naira to 8,000 naira per square meter and it depends on the quality of material used in its production and the pile height (thickness).

Below is a summary of the price range of carpet grass in Nigeria based on its quality.

  • Normal quality carpet grass (with pile of 10mm to 25 mm) – 2,500 naira to 3,000 naira
  • Medium quality carpet grass (with pile of 25mm to 35mm) – 4,500 naira to 5,500 naira
  • Premium quality artificial grass (with pile of 35mm to 45mm) – 5,000 naira to 8,000 naira

Types of Carpet Grass in Nigeria

The different types of artificial grass carpets used to beautify houses in Nigeria are based on the materials used in their production.

While purchasing carpet grass, know that its quality is determined by the material used in its production, and the following materials are used in manufacturing artificial grass.

  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethene

Note: It is known that nylon grass carpets have the best quality among all the other types, so it will be the ideal option when you want quality long-lasting artificial grass for your home.


In conclusion, grass carpets are becoming more and more popular in Nigeria as an inexpensive and beautiful flooring choice for homes.

If you want a flooring option that is easy to maintain, provides comfort, and is eco-friendly then carpet grass will be ideal for you.

The price range of artificial grass in this post is just estimated as visiting stores will be actual prices.

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